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Pandora 2014 UK in this science fiction

30 write up nhab The science fiction blockbuster epic avatar is already being hailed by critics practically after its world premiere in london. The first film from director james cameron since 1997 smash hit titanic, it's reportedly the most costly movie ever made.Already selected for four golden globe awards, the film boasts fresh 3d effects, an australian action hero in sam worthington and a strong external message.Abc europe reporter emma alberici reports from london. Emma alberici, media press news reporter:Nothing you've seen prior has there been such a fusion of animation and reality that makes you forget that the 10 foot tall blue people are not real.They live around the world pandora Pandora 2014 UK in this science fiction movie set in the 22nd century. Avatar is set to propel disconcerting australian sam worthington to superstardom. Mike worthington, actor or actress:Like with any audition of big movies they tend to go over the world sometimes and you don't really get told what the project is or who the director is.You don't read the script and that was the case with this one.So i did my audition nationwide, even if it's just knowing anything, apart from it was in space. Emma alberici:He is jake sully, a paraplegic ex marine recruited by the us military to go undercover among the native navi people.His mission is to help rob this alien paradise of its precious energy constructing mineral"Unobtainium, Brandon cameron, movie representative:Unobtainium exists on pandora but will not exist on earth or in our solar system, you're sure, above the story.And unobtainium is the vital to solving earth's energy crisis in the you know, 150 lots of from now. Emma alberici:In the last 12 year, james cameron has continued to evolve a keen interest in nature conservation, information he's making loud and clear with avatar. Sigourney weaver, actor or actress:I think he is hoping that humans throughout the world will open their eyes to a kind of tendency in our species to over the centuries to arrive in pristine wilderness and to sort of assume it for ourselves and our own purposes. Emma alberici:They've presented the blue carpet here in leicester square in london for the world premiere of avatar.It's being billed as the main movie of all time.It's certainly cost a lot to make which range from $300 and $500 million.Director james cameron has been working on little else since his last blockbuster titanic. Titanic remains Pandora Beads UK the actual grossing film in history, getting involved in recovering $2 billion at the box office.If that made this man king worldwide, he, the studio assisting avatar, will be hoping this film crowns him master of the arena. David cameron:It is big movie;There's not any question about that.I am talking about, i labored on it for four and a half years.I only done anything about titanic for two years. Emma alberici:When james cameron invented the idea for avatar 15 years (click here) ago, the innovation didn't exist to realise his dream, so he went about developing special digital 3d cameras and capture suits that the cast wore along with skull caps rigged with tiny cameras that picked up every twitch of their faces.James cameron was set to make sam worthington's avatar more life like than any other cinema alien before him. Mike worthington:We always talk about the effects, still, you will find, no movie can hold up if it does not have any a soul.But make sure that we get the heart right, you should be ok. Emma alberici:The stress is now on to see avatar match its older sibling at the box office.Rms titanic ship broke all records, securing 14 academy award nominations and taking home 11 oscars, inclusive of best film, best manager and best editing.Punters are actually betting that avatar will be a shoe in, at least in the effects category.

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Pandora 2014 UK Eco Detroit the eco

26K at Malibu Pandora 2014 UK Eco Detroit the eco friendly version of generation x chevrolet malibu will carry a sticker price of $25, 995, including a $760 city charge, when it goes on sale early the next time we'll, traditional motors said today. The eco version comes with an 2.4 actu, Four cylinder engine joined with GM's e Assist technology, Which uses an electrical motor and lithium ion battery, http://www.nhab.co.uk/ Stop start system and other applied science to boost fuel economy by about 20 percent.Gm says it will get 28 mpg in city driving and 36 mpg out of the office. In an announcement, gm highlights that the malibu eco is priced lower than full hybrid versions of competitors' mid sized sedans. As an example, the 2012 ford fusion multiple is $29, 495, the 2012 toyota camry cross types is $26, 600 the 2012 hyundai sonata crossbreed is $26, 545.Prices (click here) include location. But full hybrids cost more to make and outdo the malibu eco on gas mileage, specially in city driving.The fusion amalgam, as an example, gets 41 mpg in the town.The camry a mix of both gets 43 mpg. The malibu eco might be first chevy vehicle to get mylink, the brand's new infotainment system that combines content, such as pandora internet service radio, from drivers' touch screen phones. Gm hasn't revealed pricing for other versions of the 2013 malibu.The 2012 malibu comes into play three trim levels:Ls, lt but also ltz. The eco's content will be like features on the current lt trim level, which along with a bluetooth and has a sticker of $24, 115, including vacation place.From edinburgh, customers could choose from four equipment packages: Rearview backup stanza, remote start and fridge / freezer. Adds nine speaker pioneer audio system and leather wrapped tyre. Adds leather cut seating and heated Pandora Beads UK front seats. Adds direction-Finding system and memory seats and mirrors. Last clean, gm said it moved up the launch of the new malibu by about six months from very first plan.Gm ceo dan akerson low on the accelerated timeline because gm already had planned an earlier launch in overseas markets. The move will give the redesigned malibu a head start on next decades of several competitors, like the fusion and honda accord. "There are lots of competitive activity coming, said chevrolet marketing communications director russ clark. "This will be a chance to talk a lot about the car and the technology and the focus on eco in a little bit of clear space,

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Pandora UK of our new music intern

I soul'd out part Pandora UK one I soul'd out part one [, Here's part one of our new music intern Lex Chase's coverage of this year's Soul'd Out Music Festival.]Which just wrapped up its two weeks of shows yesterday evening, I was approached by Ned a few weeks ago about within the randomness that is the Soul'd Out Music Festival happening April 12 through 25.And i said yes 'cause if there is http://www.nhab.co.uk/pandora-charms.html whatever intrigues me it's a lineup that doesn't make sense to me.Let me start off by first saying that i have not been to a festival so random and scattered as far as talent and age range, in saying that though.Some of these shows are the best i have ever seen.In my opinion it would have to take an very well rounded person to buy an all access pass to this festival.Here are the insights and understandings i've come to while attending the festival, i showed up at the keller wearing something i'd discussed nicely dressed for a show.But ended up being more like sweats compared to the sunday formal attire everyone else seemed to be fitted in. The energy and enthusiasm of the viewers matched that of the performance Curtis salgado making a physique with the opener, the opening band warmed the crowd up by jazz jamming, and once maze took the stage.Each person in the keller was out of their seats grooving, no matter the reason that this show was in a seated auditorium.There was a small time spent in seats.The auditorium was large but frankie's engagement with the target audience couldn't have been more intimate, he speech on age, delight in.And how marvin gaye convinced them to interchange their name from raw soul to maze, other aspect of the show was energy, electrical.Hard work, there wasn't a second you will be bored even if you wanted to.Because either your neighbor or frankie himself would take you from your very own seat, entire, if you've not experienced maze. (It is, pretty good bedroom music. ) Clue suggestion:Session 2. There probably isn't a song which the portland cello project couldn't cover"Portland cello project working at" All of lights, talking about bedroom jams.The next show i saw was the full opposite.It was local internet explorer internet explorer bookmarks the portland cello project at the doug fir lounge, repeatedly i was underdressed.Sporting some neon face paint as i moseyed my way through a mixed bunch of young at heart to get a front row spot, initially my reaction was meh"But once they did a interpretation of"Noxious. By britney warrior spears i was won over"The portland cello project's ability to take something regarded"General population.And spin it in a creative way is why them so appealing, it was a significantly fun show, and i was afraid of their passion and execution?But is it something i'd personally see again.Not likely, it was maybe a one night stand. Fun and necessary at the moment but once was plenty:Article 3. There is hope in web based music beyond dubstepit's called bass.Days later the time had come for some new music, it was time for becoming more popular london act sbtrkt.Flying in from coachella to play a nearly sold out show of hip twenty and thirtysomethings rolling their balls off, before i visit sbtrkt's set.I have a single article the opener bassdrum.Bassdrum seems to be like the president of a dungeons dragons troop.How one like that could produce so much filthy bass is beyond me. www.nhab.co.uk (He was like bathrooms on acid, baths is also a popular computer artist. )Recommended if you rave about animal collective"I spent most of my time outside chain smoking during his set worrying if i had listened i may been"Bassed through. Want sbtrkt came on.Forty five minutes passed and two guys with tribal masks entered the stage full of electronics and a drum kit, really.There are live demonstrates blow you away and this was one of them.Their increase of the live drumming coupled with electronic mixing was a refreshing twist to the connotation most dance electro shows have today.Sbtrkt at some points was playing ableton and the drums as once. (The packed house was dancing without interruption no dull moments at the wonder that night.Sorry about how little photos. )The sweetness was strict Related Links: http://rolandhd.nblogging.com/jordans%20shoes%20for%20women%20is%20better%20off%20disregarding_90720.html http://www.flu.fr/rolandhd/blog/evening-australia-balance-1802338.html http://www.erp-pyme.com/avalor/QA/13852/buy-pandora-bones-the-next-movie-from

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Pandora me some funds and headache

I replaced the color wheel in my samsung hlp5063w tv I replaced the color wheel in my samsung hlp5063w tv I'm yelling your praises, incredibly!I fucked my tv in and bammo!The image came on bright and beautiful.Just nice Pandora to read a relief!You saved me some funds and headache. I love this blog!$9 rather than a repairman or new/used frig can't be beaten.This older woman will worry less now that she is aware of this site.Bless every body. Fun service, immediate, saving, and specific.Couldn't have called homepage for more.I cannot thank you adequate for your help.They truly know what they're talking about, and they actually worry about your needs.They helped put my nerves at ease.Thanks so much, l.A, california I couldn't be more completely convinced!This is the site i will come to when i need a second opinion. Just let me say that this encounter has been entirely proficient and most helpful.I liked that i could sell at a discount ask additional questions and get answered in a very short publish. Please note:Related answers in questions, basics, and other posts here("Reports")Comes from various users, probably and never justanswer;Justanswer is not accountable for posts.Posts are for general content, are not intended to alternative to informed professional advice(Healthcare, legal, veterinary clinic, personal fund, thus. ), Or to establish pro client relationship.The site and services are offered"Out of the box"With no warranty or representations by justanswer regarding the experience of experts.To see what experience have been verified by a third party service, please go through the"Accurate"Symbol in some experts' single members.Justanswer is not intended or designed for emergency questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in person to qualified gurus. Related Links: http://sys-int.ru/en/node/1299 http://rolandhd.goblog.com/post/469693/pandora_jewelry_sale_le_cinaste.html http://rolandhd.blogol.hu/

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Pandora Spacers Beads death of osama bin

Arts and fun highlights homepage for the week of jan Navy elephant finalizes on may 1, 2011, that leaded to the capture and Pandora Spacers Beads death of osama bin laden.Now playing at a number of theaters.As showtimes, see world-Wide-Web h7. The vacation break, your tv is filled with new stuff this week.Among the new series premiering this week is this drama about the explore into the death of an heiress/party girl.It possesses a great great cast(Winner garber, tate donovan, meagan very beneficial)And a fantastic hook to(Ideally)Keep you coming back to every week.Saturday on nbc. Town penny stalking, wine guzzling cul de sac crew is back for a year(And on a new mainframe).Courteney cox megapersonalities as jules cobb, the leader for this band of neighbors/friends.So happy to have you back, team.Sunday on tbs.Sundays.Saturday, columbia city study, 4721 rainier ave. Head to bainbridge island to celebrate japan new year tradition of making and eating mochi, the sweet rice option.Free tickets for each of the three taiko routines available 20 minutes prior on a first come, first delivered basis, and limited to 175 seats per running.Wednesday, islandwood, 4450 blakely ave. Hoping to see a new kitchen?Loo?Get ideas at the seattle home reworking expo, that feature displays, vendors and home elevators innovations and design trends from experts showcasing everything for the home, offering cabinetry, bottom, sunrooms and upgrades, basement ending, basement waterproofing, and cost effective windows.Inside, you'll find presentations by the seattle chapter of the national association of professional organizers(Napo)To help workers and businesses conquer clutter. If you love three part female harmonies and country folk songs with just one lyrics, you can fail with red molly, the eight year old trio with the exquisite vocals and dobro of abbie gardner, laurie macallister traditional traditional bass guitar and molly venter(Double bass).Taking their name from a rich thompson song, red molly now toured with willie nelson. Craig manilow with pandora love on ice Will it be magic, mandy?Very perfectly, possibly.Mellow crooner barry manilow performs tolerate an ice skating show choreographed to his songs.Skaters nancy kerrigan, jeff agosto, liz manley and elvis stojko are going to nailing it.Friday at the showare midst, 625 watts.Evening.

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Pandora Spacers Beads the advanced diploma

Artistic night for tafe nearby Free airline tafe centre for creative arts(Cca)Students and f project members have emerged to host an art exhibition with a difference on friday night. Judy rauert from warrnambool making leaves not in silk.Will have them exhibited as as part of south west tafe centre of creative arts end of year exhibition.Think:Leanne pickett The west tafe centre for creative arts(Cca)Students and f project members have emerged to host an art exhibition with a difference on friday night. Art enthusiasts can enjoy viewing work by tafe students across a range of arts subjects, while also browsing a night market organised as well as artist run initiative f project. The west tafe arts, media and design team leader andrea radley said the event featured work by visual arts, paint, statue, materials, tapestry, graphics and interactive media students.The exhibit opens on friday at 6pm at the cca, location e, the west tafe warrnambool campus and runs until december 6. "Collaborating with f project provides a wonderful possiblity to showcase to the public the creative talents of our students and members of the art community, ms radley recounted. Locally made artwork that is caused by f project members and south west tafe students and staff will be for sale at the market and items range from drawings, prints and prints, jewellery, materials, homewares and child's clothing and toys. F project vp megan nicolson said markets were run seasonally with the aim of promoting and supporting local artists and she encouraged the warrnambool community to support local arts and culture. "We are still fund raising to cover costs relating to transforming a(First)Funeral parlour into a blooming arts hub with gallery, course and retail spaces and housing 29 studios, ms nicolson described.Friday's exhibition opening begins a busy month for south west tafe students with a range of shows being held. The diploma of visual arts students will be opening their charms uk event, springboard, at the warrnambool public on friday, late 29 from 6pm to 8pm. While Pandora Spacers Beads the advanced diploma of visual arts students will be opening their exhibit, suite effects, at scope art free galleries and museums on saturday december 7 from 3pm to 5pm. Ms radley said the shows would feature paintings, printmaking, studio materials, bronze sculpture and more. "Much of the artwork will be on sale at these exhibitions, making it a great an chance support local artists, she considered.

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Pandora Flowers Charms analyst dean

Apple workers track down person who found iphone prototype at bar Apple workers have reportedly visited the home of the person who found an iphone prototype at a redwood city bar.The blog says the individual's roommate, who was at your home, refused to let the group in when they asked for concur to search the premises. A special see results about jewelry multi agency investigative team specialists high tech crime last friday raided the home of jason chen, an editor aided by the tech blog gizmodo.Chen had posted a story last week with information on the iphone prototype after the blog paid $5, 000 to the one who found the device. Gizmodo eventually returned the iphone to apple after vehicle demanded it back. The scene has opened a pandora's box of legal and ethical issues.There is talk about first amendment and civil rights infractions, as well it could criminal charges. "Likely the most likely charge we'd see if we see any charges at all, would be somewhere much like a theft of trade secrets, abc7 legal Pandora Flowers Charms analyst dean manley said. A resource at the bar told abc7, apple engineer gray powell returned numerous times that week, shopping for it. The yet unfamiliar person who found the iphone sold it to gizmodo for $5, 000.Gizmodo tells you it paid $5, 000 to the finder only that wanted exclusive rights to the story. Johnson believes that certainly won't wash. "People knew they had something unusual here, which was worth $5, 000;And if you send money, consideration for something contains a trade secret, that's perhaps a crime, he was quoted saying. Remaining friday, a joint law enforcement task force devoted see results about jewelry to high tech crime raided chen's fremont home after obtaining a search warrant. The search bring about, sega's signed by a judge april 23, lists 22 items extracted from chen's home.Consist of his computers, cams, storage devices banking accounts documents and credit http://www.nhab.co.uk/pandora-bracelets.html card information, items that the search warrant says might have been"Used in placing a felony, Chen's newly held on to attorney tom nolan told abc7 the raid on his client's home was illegal. "We're basically saying a search warrant is not the way to get material that you think you're qualified for, nolan celebrity fad.

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Cheap Pandora Bracelets discussion in new york

Apple pushes for is intergrated in vehicle dashboards While steve jobs regretted not manufacturing an icar, apple mackintosh inc.For a long time was ambivalent about the auto industry.Now it's vying for dashboard space held by microsof company corp, phones ltd.And pandora newspaper and tv inc. By year stop, buyers could choose from several vehicles that incorporate apple's iphone functions, using siri voice controls for routing, sending texts, electronic mail and music. Displacing competitors in the car may be more and more complicated than in desktop computing or mobile phones, as the technology giant grapples with challenges including extreme temperature ranges, noisy cabins and long nutritional supplement cycles. "You will never overestimate the difficulty of integrating an outside software system well into a vehicle, said eric respectable, president of industry manager car lab.Blackberry's qnx software systems and microsoft are the main suppliers of automotive os software according to researcher ihs isuppli, while pandora is the top in car music going service. Knowing many consumers already use iphones as cheap substitutes for built in satnav systems, automakers are working to incorporate apple's technology to minimize driver distraction and increase customer care. "It works sufficiently for some things, but i think siri doesn't work that well, montoya said in a phone occupation employment meet. "It continuously doesn't recognize my voice, The apple enabled system in gm's subcompact cars wasn't as a good choice for navigation and other functions as systems automakers already offer, montoya replied. "Siri hasn't been designed for the car, and the cabin is often noisy, said bob schreiner, a research director for manager strategy analytics inc.And a former professional for gm's onstar telematics service. "Auto producers tune voice systems for each car.Expecting siri to work at the same level in every vehicle isn't purposeful, 'Key focus' Next, apple's ios 7 software will be fully incorporated into models made by gm, honda electric powerplant co, car motor co.And hyundai motor unit co, mac products said last month.Icons familiar on iphones and ipads will migrate to the guts console screen in cars. "It's which people want, and i think that apple can do this in a unique way and more advanced than anyone else, see results about jewelry chief executive tim cook said in a july 23 business call. "The key focus for us, Apple announced plans for siri eyes free efficiency two Pandora Alphabet Charms years ago, and cars to be able option are arriving now.That suggests to montoya that the more elaborate plug-In steps apple discussed in june won't appear until 2015, he was quoted saying. Toyota, hyundai, bayerische motoren werke ag, daimler ag's bmw benz, end up rover, jaguar, volkswagen ag's audi, toyota auto corp.And the chrysler group llc are also adding siri eyes free limit in models that arrive this year, in cars infotainment, online, all these types of, all the technology that's in the cabin of the car is getting increasingly critical, recounted karl brauer, a market analyst for kelley blue book in irvine, calif. "Apple 's also got some real skin in the game.They know people want things be seamless, During the early 2000s, apple showed little involvement with working directly with carmakers. "They provided technical statistics to connect ipods and iphones so people could play music, but weren't serious about going beyond that, said jimmy dominique, executive vp of auto researcher truecar inc.And nissan north our country's former head of product planning. "There was no fascination with doing much with us, Fantasize (click here) car Long time jobs, who passed away in 2011, was cool to the, he was enthusiastic about cars.Mickey drexler, an apple board member and leader of apparel company j.Crew set inc, last year said jobs had needed to try his hand at designing a car and regretted not doing so. "Evaluate the car industry:It's a tragedy for many.Who is making the cars, drexler said in may 2012 at a fast company Cheap Pandora Bracelets discussion in new york. "Steve's dream before he died was to make an icar, Apple's access has changed, being spoken cook, who described auto applications as another part of you're able to send"Environment, "Just like the app store is a key the main ecosystem and itunes and all of our content are key, and the help we provide from messaging to siri and so forth, having something in the auto is very, essential, cook exclaimed.

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agebc Evening Dresses should see reflected

Louis science center lan For all of you located in the st.Louis region take note.Warfactory has partnered with the st.Louis science center's cyberville gallery to bring you some high quality tournament lans.This is similar to the tradition that mfa formerly had in the same venue, but we're working on some new twists.We get a marketing department)It's reasonable.The main draw to this is that it's going to be a lot bigger than our previous lans and is in a considerably nicer place, plus we have three tournaments to fund.Our price isn't any more than the laclede's lan when you figure in their $5 tournament fee and we only agebc australia raise the price at the door to encourage everyone to pay in advance. First place for cs/bf2 is $50 gift certificate to best buy for each person.I'm assuming the q3 prizes will be the same but we're still working out details.Beyond this, we of course have to cover the cost of the building and food for the event, including miscellaneous items.Trust me, we're not making anything off doing this. We're working hard to find a lot more sponsors for this event and to build partnerships that will help drive down the cost considerably in the future.My hope is to drive the admission fee down considerably, but this process takes a while. We're working on 2nd place prizes too, but that depends upon how many people actually show and what kind of sponsorship we can get.That's why we want to get a lot more prepays. Personally, the quake thing sounds dumb to me, but i understand some people love the hell out of some quake, so whatever.I am still a firm believer in evolving as gamers and not holding onto games that any asshole with a mediocre computer can load up and play. By"Indemand,"I was referring to the sponsor/hardware/games connection.Sorry for the confusion. You guys are gonna have a successful lan, again.I'm glad unfortunately, i just dont think this one is for me.I still can't justify paying $20 for gaming. I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass.Apparently, i'm the only person who feels this way(Either that or i'm the only one with balls enough to speak up).I wouldn't worry about what i post if i were you(Unless, of course, increasing numbers felt the same way.In which case, you might wanna incorporate some of the ideas into your next lan.Just a thought) While we'd love to do a free lan, the bills have to get paid somehow.The unfortunate reality to any small to medium lan group is that you have to reach a certain criticalmass before sponsors will heavily invest in you.That threshhold is 200+ people.Warfactory is poised to break that barrier within a year or so, but needs support of the community to get there.Asylumlan is like $25.The springfield gamers association is $15.Stompfest is $25.Lanextreme is $20. Overall, prices for lans are across the board.Laclede's lan has a good deal on their location, but they've always intended on having smaller, more fun events(Unless things have changed recently).They'll be a little cheaper because they can afford to be. Beyond everything, i think you've misperceived the overall roi for this event.Included in your $20 is a long day of gaming, food and drink, and participation in three tournaments, all of which have(More or less)Cash return on win.There's a substantial amount of overhead at this venue, but as we have 50 people paid and 120+ signed up, demand is obvious.If your concern is tournaments, you're probably still miffed about the decision to side with cs 1.6 over Source, but that was the result of a lot of delibaration and gamer demand. Also, this event is in the st.Louis science center.Much of our overall cost comes from location.Fortunately, we've been establishing new business relationships that you agebc Evening Dresses should see reflected in pricing for future events. I didn't mean to write a tome here, but lan parties are expensive to run.It's true that quakecon and other very large lans can be free, but you have to think that marketers use these events as key delivery avenues for their products and then, you're responsible for getting a hotel room and(Possibly)A flight!Heck, i think every small lan i've gone to at friend's homes have cost me at least $20 anyway after i pitch in for pizza, buy soda/beer, etc.

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Pandora Charms On Sale with it It's kind

And any ideas an additional name to go Pandora Charms On Sale with it It's kind of the girl equal of naming a boy hades. I think that is a gross oversimplification;The myth is more advanced than that(Good/evil).Pandora is more like the same as eve(And baby girls are named eve/eva), As both Pandora and Eve made the 'Fall of Man'.Pandora only agreed to be curious, it is disobedient, but aren't evil.Honestly i can't look at any parallels between hades and pandora.The very best the story is misogynistic(Like this of eve)And the only 'evil' thing about her was the point that she was a woman.Competently, i'm not sure, i'm not an antiquarian/scholar or with, but i want to counter the claim that pandora and hades/lucifer/cain are the same. Eta:My fav name blog wrote with this complete here. "But associated with pension transfer things mythological, there are plenty of readings of pandora story.The misogynist series, touted by the poet hesiod a few hundred years bc.Evidence shows that pandora was more of an ancient earth goddess, all giving rather than gifted, Pandora linnae(From flower linnaea), Pandora Lilith(Bwahahahaha! ), Pandora Meline, Pandora Violette, Pandora Fae, Pandora Belle, Pandora Blythe, Pandora Sage, Pandora Simone, Pandora Gypsy(Politically drastically wrong, i'm sure. ), Pandora Lucille, Pandora July, Pandora Willow, Pandora Shalom, Pandora Valkyrie, Pandora Ga Really easy to implement agree, as politely it may possibly be, with some of the last posters above that people will hear pandora and associate it onto"Pandora's box, even if we can argue that pandora herself wasn't a very bad character, you are forced to acknowledge that the phrase"Pandora's box"Is noticeably negative, knowning that seems a little unkind to put Pandora Jewelry:http://www.shqkhb.com/ on a child.Other kids won't may possibly, but grown persons will.Currently, if you explain to her that it stands for human eye"Appeal to"Then maybe that inspires her in life.Our greatest capability are the curious among us.

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